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Suprise Basket 



- Σύνθεση: Surprise basket made from GPR

  • Dimensions of basket: width 70 cm, height 80 cm

  • Material GPR

  • Colour: three-coloured, yellow blue and red

  • Exits marked with 1,2,3

  • With steel frame inside

  • Top: with ball slot, at the side: three exits 

  • Children throw the ball into the slot and the surprise is on which exit the ball falls off

  • With flange to fix it to a pole

-Ηλικιακές ομάδες: 2 - 12 ετών

-Πιστοποιητικό: TUV Γερμανίας

Suprise Basket Installed

Suprise Basket Installed

Suprise Basket

Suprise Basket

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